Our replica Gun Buttons are an exact copy of the real thing, with subtle detailing and the lovely curved domed firing ring cast in resin.  Made in three parts plus the spring, these can be finished in either Brass or Aluminium.  The firing ring does not lock.  The button itself would normally be in brass, but for certain aircraft types such as the powerful Typhoon, it was produced in black bakerlite.  Please be sure to specify which finishes you'd like when ordering.

Normally speaking the Gun Button of an early Spitfire would have had an aluminium firing ring with a red anodised finish. Later, non-rocket equiped Spitfires would have had the brass firing ring. If you are after a Battle of Britian or Dunkirk-era Spitfire button, we would recommend the red anodised finish on aluminium, it is at no extra cost, but do please specify this in a note when ordering.

In conjunction with one of our Spade Grips this gun button would make an excellent addition for that added realism to your Flight Sim. The buttons can have an electric press switch added inside so that they become an actively assigned switch within the SIM.

Replica Spitfire Gun Button

Firing Ring finish: Brass
Firing Ring finish: Aluminum
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