The Vickers Supermarine Spitfire came in many versions, with the prototype flying in 1936, and the last flight in RAF service in the mid 1950's. Over the course of it's development it underwent some significant changes, most notably with its power plant, which resulted in the airframe changing, but always recognisable as a Spitfire! 

The instrument panels underwent changes in line with the engine upgrades too, but also because some things simply weren't needed, like the large round Flap gauge, an unnecessary instrument when a pilot could look out at the wing and get the same information.

Our Mk1 Spitfire panel is a faithful reproduction of these early aircraft, specifically a Merlin II equipped Spitfire from 1939 and has taken many hours of research to get right. It is suitable for a Battle of Britain aircraft, although during that battle (arguably the first real test of the aircraft in combat), the Spitfire was developing significantly. The annotated panel is fully engraved and infilled, and all the holes that should be, are accurately countersunk to the correct depth as called for on the blueprints. Likewise the two fuel gauge buttons are counterbored.The panel is finished in paint, using a number of different original sections of Mk1 panel to determine as close a match as possible. Originally anodised black, that chemical process does not create a jet black colour, and it deteriorates over time anyway.

The first image shows this comparison with the black painted Blind Flying Panel which we sell separately.

Spitfire Instrument Panel Mk1 1939 for Merlin II

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